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More small victories

This time with pictures!

The decluttering and organisation continues... hopefully soon there will be some long posts documenting the kitchen and the study. The study has been an ongoing process and will continue, I think, to be a bugbear for the rest of my life.

However, there are a few things that went today that constitute victories.  These things that went, in the scheme of things, were small, but contributed to the clutter/hoarding mentality.

And here goes...Collapse )

More stuff gone, still more to go...


Death of a hoarder

One of the biggest dangers of hoarding is the fact that so many hoarded materials are flammable.  And if there is a fire, it can be difficult for firefighters to contain the blaze - and the hoard may prevent its hoarder from escaping.

This happened to an elderly hoarder in Newcastle, yesterday:


The news story contains interviews with neighbours that suggest there were ongoing tensions over the hoard in the neighbourhood, and also a firefighter who highlighted the problems hoarding causes them.  I get the feeling this wasn't the first hoarder house he's been called out to.

So all hoarders, you might think your stuff is your security, a comfort against the world.  MORE LIKELY, YOUR STUFF WILL WIND UP KILLING YOU.

Small victories.

I've been doing some decluttering again, and I had some significant victories over my hoarding tendencies last week.

The first occurred when I was going through my wardrobe.  I decided to wear a skirt to work I hadn't worn in a while. It's a great skirt - a good winter weight, a well cut A-line, sits on the knee (or rather did). I put it on, and discovered to my unpleasant surprise that this skirt, which used to sit comfortably on my hips, now sat just below my ribs. Yup, that weight gain has been bad. I really loved that skirt! And it didn't fit anymore. There was no point in keeping it when someone else could use it.

And then the little hoarding tendencies voice piped up. "You shouldn't throw this out. Keep it as a motivator! You're trying to lose weight, imagine how great it would be if you get into it properly again!"

The skirt started to go back into the wardrobe. And then the rational part of my brain spoke up. "Hang on. You've had that skirt for at least 5 years now. And when it fitted, you didn't have fibromyalgia, so you were exercising a lot more and didn't have eating binges. Face it: you might never fit into that skirt again. It's only going to depress you. Put it in a bag.

The skirt went into a bag for charity. Victory #1.

Since I was little, I'd owned a pottery statue of a giraffe. It was cute, but didn't really go in the house. More to the point, it was missing an ear and half a leg, so it didn't stand well, and was always falling over. I decided it would have to go. But not to charity. It was broken - it belonged in the bin.

And then from the little hoarding tendencies voice: "It's cute! You've had it since you were little! You can't throw it out!"

To which my rational part replied: "It's broken. And it looks a bit stupid. Yes, it's cute, but it doesn't belong here any more."

"But it's cute! You can put it in the garden! It's CUUUUUUUUUTE!"

"It's BROKEN. It's going in the bin." And the cute little broken giraffe went in the bin. It was a bit sad, but then I looked at the empty shelf where it stood and thought the shelf looked a lot better. Victory #2.

I decided to steam some chicken for dinner. Now, I had 2 bamboo steamers - a large one which fits perfectly over the wok, and a small one which doesn't fit on any saucepan - I had to stand it on a trivet inside the wok and then balance the wok lid on top. I'd had the small one for years, the lid was busted, it was stained, and it smelled. I was storing it inside the big steamer, which meant whenever the big steamer was used, I had to get out the small one, shove it somewhere, then put it back inside the big steamer when I was done. I got sick of the whole manouver and decided the small steamer had to go.

From the hoarding tendencies voice: "This could go to Mum."

My rational part: "Mum isn't going to want a steamer that doesn't really work. It goes in the bin."

Hoarding tendencies voice: "But she loved Ken Hom's steamed chicken! She'd accept it!"

Rational part: "Mum's got a metal steamer that works fine. She'd proably take the little steamer but why should I give her something that's broken?"

Hoarding tendencies voice: "But... but..."

The little steamer joined the broken giraffe in the bin. Victory #3.

So more stuff is gone, and the hoarding tendencies have been weakened somewhat.




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